Catering FAQs

The Top 10 Questions Our ‘Ohana (Customers) Ask That You’re Probably Wondering About Too…..

Maui Wowi DC Smoothie Catering FAQsQ. Are your drinks really that good?

A. "That good" is an understatement. People call us a “vacation in a cup” for a reason! Maui Wowi coffees and smoothies are described as delicious, delightful, and delectable – basically ONOLICIOUS!

Q. What kind of events are best for Maui Wowi to come to?

A. Have tiki bar, will travel! There’s rarely a bad event for Maui Wowi to be at. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue, or a formal wedding, Maui Wowi works for everything from barefoot to black tie!

Q. Do you serve alcohol?

A. Is Hawaii the most awesome place in the world???? YES! We love doing adults-only drinks. Because our insurance allows us to “pour”, you provide the alcohol, we pour it. Our certified bartenders will ensure alcohol is only served to those of age and in the appropriate proportions.

Q. Can you accommodate different dietary restrictions?

A. Absolutely! We have many options: dairy-free, sugar-free, fat-free, no problem. Just let us know of any special needs.

Maui Wowi DC Smoothie Catering FAQsQ. Can you create special drinks for our event?

A. That’s our specialty! We’ll work with you to create a menu of fun flavors. Some of our most popular are Hawaiian Dreamsicle (mango orange and pina colada), Black Lava Beach (strawberry and black raspberry), and Coral Reef Sunset (strawberry and mango orange).

Q. What do the staff wear?

A. We could show up in a Speedo, but we wouldn’t want to scare your guests away. But our staff will come in bright Hawaiian shirts, full of lots of Aloha Spirit, unless you request a more limited uniform (ex: white shirt/black pants). We’re Hawaiian, we’re flexible…..let us know what you want.

Q. How large an event can you handle?

A. Almost any size: we’ve done everything from a small backyard barbecue of 10 people, to serving thousands of people at Ravens Stadium during the football games. We’ve got plenty of equipment to effectively and efficiently serve your guests, so challenge us. To date, we’ve never had an event we couldn’t handle.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. You’ll find our pricing for the Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway Without a 12-Hour Flight to be less than a plane ticket to Hawaii. Our clients appreciate our flat-rate pricing, which includes setup/teardown and unlimited beverages. Contact us for your customized proposal.

Maui Wowi DC Smoothie Catering FAQsQ. What type(s) of equipment do you have?

A. We have tiki bars in all shapes and sizes. For small events, our portable tiki bar is usually the best option; larger events our Ka’anapali cart. We also have the Maui Wowi TikiTruck, perfect for large outdoor events (sorry, we haven’t found a way to get it into people’s living rooms yet).

Q. I want to reserve the Maui Wowi Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway. What do I do?

A. CONTACT US NOW! The earlier the better! Our calendar gets very full from March – October, so if you have a date/time in mind, let us know. We look forward to making your events a huge success!