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Your Vacation in a Cup

Maui Wowi Coffees & Smoothies CateringMaui Wowi Coffees & Smoothies Catering

They laughed when I told ‘em I sent all my employees to Hawaii for less than the cost of one plane ticket.

ALOHA! Doesn’t it sound great? Say it out loud. ALOHA! Did I just see a smile on your face? Let’s do it one more time. ALOHA!

Maui Wowi Coffee & Smoothie CateringFunny how 5 simple letters can make someone smile. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. It doesn’t matter what time it is. I have never said those 5 letters – A L O H A – to someone and not seen at least a smirk on their face.

If you want to have happy guests, friends, students, staff, clientele, etc. you need to make people smile. You need to make them feel relaxed. I have the perfect solution – guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone:

Maui Wowi Coffee and Smoothie Catering - Your Vacation in a Cup


Maui Wowi best caterer bethesda award

When you have Maui Wowi DC cater your next party, celebration, or event, you can relax knowing you're working with the best!

We won the Bethesda Best Businesses - Caterers

It certainly has us doing the hula, and our professional tikitenders and baristas will have you doing the same!

Our personal GUARANTEE your guests will be doing the hula!

Maui Wowi Coffee & Smoothie CateringMaui Wowi Coffee & Smoothie Catering

Maui Wowi Coffee & Smoothie Catering delivers the Aloha Spirit one cup at a time with:

We’ll bring Hawaii to you – we’ll greet everyone with a lei and a big warm ALOHA and provide your guests with a fresh fruit smoothie, hot/cold kona coffees or we can even provide tasty Hawaiian treats. All for less than the cost of sending one person to Hawaii.

You better make sure you put us in a location with lots of room on the day we bring the Hawaiian Luau to you – other groups we’ve worked with were just overjoyed with the response they received from offering such a fun and unique event.

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Wowi! Thank you for making my party one that is still talked about to this day!!!
On-Time! Great! Your staff was on-time and so professional. Love the shirts!
So Much Fun! Thanks a million! The tiki bar was the perfect addition – that’s where everyone hung out.
Truly Different! Our office was sick of the “same old” for catering – this was fun and different and got everyone together.
A Hawaiian Experience! Love how your staff greet everyone with “Aloha!” and top off drinks with a Hawaiian parasol.


Everyone loves Hawaii. And everyone is going to love you and/or your institution because you’ll be giving them a trip to Hawaii with Maui Wowi Coffee and Smoothie Catering.

Maui Wowi Smoothie and Coffee CateringWhen you fly into Hawaii, and walk off the plane, you’re greeted with a lei. You can almost feel the stress melt away. Imagine how your guests, friends, students or employees will feel when then show up to work, walk into Hawaiian paradise, and are given a complimentary kona coffee or fresh fruit smoothie beverage with an umbrella (yes even umbrella drinks). Makes the day go by a little easier, huh?

Well Maui Wowi Coffee and Smoothie Catering is as close as your can get to going to Hawaii without hopping on a plane. We’ll turn your event into an experience! No wonder people call us a “vacation in a cup.”?

You bring the guests, friends, staff, students or customers -- we’ll
bring the Hawaiian Luau to you.  Reserve your Hawaiian tropical getaway by December 31, 2016 get complimentary transportation and setup fees.


Maui Wowi Smoothie and Coffee CateringAre you looking for an alternative or unique addition to typical catered fare? Look no further than the refreshing treats of Maui Wowi Coffee and Smoothie Catering! Your guests will delight in the fresh flavor of our unique drinks and snacks and the distinct look of our Hawaii-inspired kiosk. Maui Wowi Coffee and Smoothie Catering is a delicious addition to any private party.

Maui Wowi Smoothie and Coffee CateringPlanning a party, wedding, family reunion, or corporate event? When you want to bring that special Hawaiian Flavor/Island Attitude to your neighborhood, think of Maui Wowi Hawaiian! Our Hawaiian coffees, fresh fruit smoothies and alcohol-added daiquiris make any event a party!

Maui Wowi Smoothie and Coffee CateringWe bring our mobile Ka'anapali Cart or Portable Tiki Bar to your location. You just tell us where, when, and how much! Our Hawaiian-shirted "tiki tenders" prepare each beverage fresh to order, and serves it with a colorful drink parasol and a hefty dose of Aloha Spirit.


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“Aloha Spirit, Exceptional Service, Happy Clients”

“You told me I wouldn’t be disappointed. What you neglected to say is that I would be thrilled.” --– Sharon Ehrlich on her daughter’s bat mitzvah

“Your Hawaiian shirts, island music and  Hawaiian "Tiki Hut" kiosk--it's like bringing a tropical vacation right into our Great Hall!!”  ---Sue Sivert, Student Life Office Carroll Community College

“Maui Wowi Hawaiian is as close as you can get to Hawaii without hopping on a's a mini vacation from all things mundane and corporate.” ---Rochelle Slebrch, Sterling, Virginia

“This truly is a vacation in a cup”  ---Vivian Cohen, Derwood, Maryland

Maui Wowi Smoothie & Coffee CateringYour Maui Wowi Hawaiian Luau Catering experience can include:

Maui Wowi Smoothie & Coffee CateringFully-contained tiki hut kiosk which can be set up outdoors or in most indoor areas

Maui Wowi Smoothie & Coffee CateringFresh fruit smoothie blended fresh and served with a parasol and lots of Aloha Spirit!

Maui Wowi Smoothie & Coffee CateringKona coffee beverages (hot and/or cold)

Maui Wowi Smoothie & Coffee CateringCustom menu selections for lunch, happy hour or dinner

Maui Wowi Smoothie & Coffee CateringStaff who wear bright floral shirts and may even sing “If you like pina coladas . . .

Maui Wowi Smoothie & Coffee CateringDon’t miss your opportunity to get this free trip to Hawaii for your guests, friends, students or staff, reserve your Hawaiian get-away today.

You can call us at (301) 523-3600 or send an email to or:

Tell us about your Hawaiian Luau!

People who visit Hawaii fall in love with it. Why not make Maui Wowi Coffee and Smoothie catering a part of your Hawaiian Luau, and we'll take them back to Hawaii. What a better way to relax and leave a lasting impression?

Mahalo A Hui Hou! (if you don’t speak Hawaiian that means “Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!”)

Maui Wowi DC Coffees & Smoothies Catering Request More InfoSincerely,

Stacey Riska
Maui Wowi Smoothie & Coffee Catering

Alakai Ho’okipa (leader of hospitality)

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