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7 Benefits of Drinking Smoothies

You've probably heard people talking about the benefits of drinking smoothies, but you may be wondering what those benefits really are. Why are smoothies, those liquid meals, so healthy and why should we drink them over other types of beverages? For starters, if you are not keen on eating fruits or vegetables, drinking a smoothie…
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Why You Should Consider Smoothie Bar Catering For Your Next Event

If you're hosting an event in the future, you may want to offer your guests something more than the "ordinary". You know - the pizza party, the ice cream social, the cookie platter. Can you say BORING?!?! You've been tasked with putting on an event and you want to impress your guests as the "hostess…
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The Media At The Quicken Loans PGA National Chills Out

Golf in July in Potomac MD means it's going to be HOT! And hot it was! Quicken Loans sponsored the PGA National at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm. On the last day of the event (Sunday), 200 people from the media were coming in to report on the tournament. Quicken Loans had been providing hot coffee…
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