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Coffee Lovers Rejoice: It’s Good For You!

You knew it all along. That's why you drink so much of it right? Coffee is often considered a healthy beverage. There have been numerous studies showing that the stimulating drink not only improves cognition and boosts energy levels, but also contains antioxidants and may be able help ward off diabetes and certain cancers as…
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Warm Up Your Party With Hot Chocolate Catering – DC, MD, VA

Tis the season for cold weather. All the more reason to plan a party or event that is fun, memorable and warm. We know what you're thinking: "Planning an event or party can be stressful and time consuming."  A great and easy way to bring a festive flare is to hire a hot chocolate caterer.…
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Using Coffee Catering To Enhance Any Corporate Event

Using Coffee Catering To Enhance Any Corporate Event   Almost everyone loves a cup of joe to help them to stay focused and increase their energy level. While basic coffee can do the trick, gourmet coffee with all the frills can really set your organization apart from the rest. If you have never considered using…
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