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Smoothie Bar Catering Arlington VA – Bennett Park Apartments

How do you plan something FUN, something DIFFERENT, something that gets everyone in your apartment complex DOING THE HULA? You take 'em to Hawaii! Actually you bring it to them - with a Maui Wowi DC smoothie bar! That's what Bennett Park Apartments did as an end-of-summer celebration for its tenants. smoothie bar catering... 				</div>
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Caffeinates 900 Attendees

You've got a big meeting . . . . A big meeting where people are going to want coffee . . . . all day . . . . A big meeting where you want your attendees to be happy . . . . What do you do? You hire Maui Wowi DC to provide a coffee and espresso...
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Round Hill Elementary Bingo Night

Who wants a smoothie in DC, MD or VA when it's below freezing? You would think no one, but the line was long at Maui Wowi DC smoothie bar at Round Hill Elementary's Bingo Night. It was definitely the coldest night of the year. Temperatures just above zero with winds gusting to 50 miles an hour! But that...
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