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These 24 Smoothies Have More Sugar Than A Coke

Do you love smoothies but worry about the sugar content? If you drink any of the 24 smoothies noted below, you should probably run scared. But as you'll notice, Maui Wowi is NOT on the list. That's because our smoothies are 100% natural - no added colors, flavors or preservatives. They are 'onolicious! Labels containing the word...
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An A-PEELing – And Edible – Banana

Here's a pop quiz for all of our Maui Wowi smoothie lovers: What food is packed with vitamins and fiber, but is almost always purchased just to be thrown away? If you said banana peels, you’re absolutely right. The banana may be one of the world’s most recognizable comedy props, but the humble banana peel is nothing to...
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Smoothies That Are Peachy

Do you love the sweet taste of peaches? Do you love fresh fruit smoothies? Then you're going to absolutely LOVE Maui Wowi's Orchard Peach smoothies! Just in time for the summer heat, the cool refreshing-juicy-sweet-taste of peaches blended with fat-free yogurt and a fresh banana - will have you feeling peachy keen! peach Read more

Are You A Walking Dead Fan?

Do you like The Walking Dead?

Do you love smoothies, especially Maui Wowi smoothies?

Do you crack up when you watch videos with "bad lip reading?"

Well, if you answered YES to all of the above, then you're going to LOVE this video we put together above.

What do you think? About The Walking Dead? About Maui Wowi smoothies? About bad lip reading? Share your comments below.