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These 24 Smoothies Have More Sugar Than A Coke

Do you love smoothies but worry about the sugar content? If you drink any of the 24 smoothies noted below, you should probably run scared. But as you'll notice, Maui Wowi is NOT on the list. That's because our smoothies are 100% natural - no added colors, flavors or preservatives. They are 'onolicious! Labels containing the word...
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Your Best “Fast Food” Alternative: Smoothies

Are you looking for something to eat that's "fast"? Would you like to eat something that's not only fast but healthy? Smoothies -- everyone seems to be drinking them -- why are they so popular? Smoothies can be one of the best "fast foods" your body can enjoy. Here are a few smoothie benefits: 1. By choosing the...
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The Truth About Your Smoothie: Is It Really Healthy?

As we near the closing of 2014 and the beginning of a brand-new year, everyone at Maui Wowi DC hopes healthy eating is at the leading edge of your mind. It can be a challenge to create healthy, simple dishes, particularly when you are on the go. The smoothie is one of the more popular natural food choices....
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