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Frothing Milk Like A Barista Champ

Do you know why milk is foamed in many of those "foo foo" espresso drinks? Do you know the proper technique to foam milk for the perfect espresso beverage? Foaming milk.....it can make you feel very unqualified in making a delicious coffee drink. The baristas make it look so easy! Well before we share the…
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8 Things Baristas Deal With Every Day

Here are 8 things every barista deals with every day. 1. When your alarm goes off at 3:30am because you’re opening the store that day.           2. When a customer thinks you’re sexually attracted to them just because you asked for their name.             Dude, I…
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Coffee Catering: This Ain’t Your Typical Box O’ Joe

As you might imagine, there's catering for all types of events. Offices may cater sandwiches or other grab-n-go food options for a meeting. For weddings, everything from fancy appetizers to a dessert buffet can be catered. That's so "typical". Today what's emerging as the hottest catering option is the coffee caterer. This is much more elaborate than having…
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