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8 Things Baristas Deal With Every Day

Here are 8 things every barista deals with every day. 1. When your alarm goes off at 3:30am because you’re opening the store that day.           2. When a customer thinks you’re sexually attracted to them just because you asked for their name.             Dude, I…
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A Whole Latte Love In This Video

Do you love lattes? Can you imagine making 1,000 lattes to create a stop motion video? Watch this incredible video about a love story made with 1,000 lattes. If you want to show a whole latte love to your staff or your guests, contact us to provide the Warmth of Aloha with coffee, espresso and/or…
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Tea Party Celebration With an Espresso Bar

Maui Wowi DC was contacted to help make a surprise birthday party celebration with a "tea party" theme a success. We set up a coffee, tea and espresso bar for everyone and created a special menu of drinks with names that related to the birthday girl. Everyone LOVED IT! There was an omelete and crepe…
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