Why You Should Consider Smoothie Bar Catering For Your Next Event

If you're hosting an event in the future, you may want to offer your guests something more than the "ordinary". You know - the pizza party, the ice cream social, the cookie platter. Can you say BORING?!?!

You've been tasked with putting on an event and you want to impress your guests as the "hostess with the mostess." How do you do that?

You have smoothie bar catering at the event! Here's why smoothie bars are an excellent choice for your next event.

It's Perfect For Outdoor Events

If the event you're hosting is going to be outdoors, you're going to want to give attendees a way to stay cool. A nice cold drink like a smoothie is the perfect thing to sip on when the weather is hot.

Attending an outdoor event can be a frustrating experience, but your next event doesn't have to go poorly. If you want your big event to go off without a hitch, you should serve cool drinks in the hot weather. A smoothie bar is exactly what you need.

Smoothie Bars Offer A Range Of Options

If you look into smoothie bars, you'll see just how impressive they can be. Maui Wowi DC smoothie catering is served from an authentic tiki bar where professional "tikitenders" blend gourmet all-natural fresh fruit smoothies. Now tell me THAT won't make you look impressive?

Another great things about smoothie bar catering, is most bars have more than a handful of flavors. The people that stop by the bar will have all kinds of different options to choose from. Everyone should be able to find a smoothie that suits their taste. We have a menu of flavors you can choose from when you book your smoothie catering event.

This isn't something that only a few of your guests are going to enjoy. This is something that a lot of people will be able to have fun with. Take a look at the sheer variety that the typical smoothie bar offers. See if you want to have those kinds of options at your event.


Smoothie Bars Are Perfect For Events That Don't Serve Food

Not every event needs to serve full meals to guests. If your event is being held between lunch and dinner hours, you can probably expect that your guests will feed themselves.

While you don't have to offer your guests a full meal, you should still offer them something. Serving smoothies allows you to satisfy your guests without having to pay for food. If anyone wants a snack, they can just grab themselves a smoothie.

Smoothie Bars Can Make Your Event Memorable

You don't want your guests to forget about your event after it is over. Ideally, people should still be talking about your event for many months to come. If you have a smoothie bar, your event is going to be hard to forget. A feature like that is something that will really impress people.

A lot of events offer the same kinds of things to attendees, which can cause the events to all blur together. A smoothie bar will help to set your event apart. No one will expect to see a smoothie bar at your event. It will surprise them in a good way. After all, when people hear there's free umbrella drinks at the tiki bar, they'll show up!

If you want your upcoming event to feel like something special, having a smoothie bar is an excellent idea. Look into smoothie bar catering and see what it would cost you. Decide whether or not this is something you would like to have at your event.

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