Under Armour Employees Get An Aloha Treat

Under Armour . . . . you probably think activewear like clothing, shoes and accessories.

What you probably don't think about is the hundreds and hundreds of employees who work in the distribution houses in Baltimore MD packing, prepping, and preparing those items. The warehouses have no air conditioning so it can get VERY hot during the summer.

That's why Under Armour contracted with Maui Wowi DC to treat their employees to a healthy, refreshing, and fun treat. The TikiTruck visits 4 different warehouses twice a week over 2 shifts to treat employees to a "vacation in a cup!"

Did they like it? See what this employee thought about it:

Lieser Burton, Under Armour's BDH Events Coordinator said "We've never had employees so excited. We used to bring in a snow cone truck but wanted to offer something healthy. This was the perfect treat. With the snow cones, I never received compliments, but when you guys came out I got 300 compliments. Thank you so much!"

Under Armour loved the smoothies so much now they're planning on also having Maui Wowi DC provide Ghiradelli hot chocolate with toppings for everyone when the weather gets cooler.

No matter the weather, if you want to make employees so happy they'll do the hula, then make sure you contact us to reserve your Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway Without a 12-Hour Flight.

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