Trunk-Or-Treat — Fun For All

Halloween -- the time of year when all of the little ghosts and ghouls of every sort come out to get "tricks or treats".

Journey's Crossing put together a Trunk-Or-Treat event at Seneca Valley High School, where over 600 costumed kids showed up to go from vehicle to vehicle and get their Halloween treats from the trunks of each car.

Trunk or Treat is where kids go trick or treating in their parking lot going to and from decorated vehicles. Owners of the vehicles will decorate their vehicles and/or the trunks of their vehicles and pass out candy.

Maui Wowi DC was there with the TikiTruck, keeping everyone refreshed with gourmet fresh fruit smoothies. Some of those costumes can be very warm, and considering it was a warm day, everyone was appreciative of something refreshing -- and healthy -- being there.

Mango orange was the most popular flavor.....wonder if it had anything to do with the Halloween theme?  It was a fun day for all. Lots of activities, a live band, Halloween treats, and of course the Maui Wowi TikiTruck. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


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