Thinking of Renting a Margarita Machine For Your Next Event? Read This First!

The invention of the microwave, sliced bread and hot dogs. All things that have turned the culinary world upside down. For those who want that perfect at-home or in-office party experience, the humble hot dog can form the basis of one of the best snacks in the world - a pig in a blanket, bacon-wrapped goodness. What about the Deviled Egg? Fiendishly delicious.

But all those bite-sized treats need to be accompanied by wonderful drinks. A great cocktail menu is what your guests will truly remember about the event.

The problem is how much time it takes to prepare those wonderful drinks. Do you as the host/hostess want to be standing behind a bar serving drinks during your event? Taking time off to make that refreshing round of drinks will take you away from friends and family. Why not try a different approach?


Now that will have all of your guests smiling. And best of all, when you have Maui Wowi DC provide your smoothie bar catering, we come to you and do all of the work. You just enjoy the time with your guests.

For the price of a margarita machine rental, you can provide a tropical getaway experience. Your guests will love it and commend you for doing something so fun and unique.

If you're thinking margaritas, you're probably thinking alcohol. Yes, we do that too. We call them "smoothies that party". One of our flavors is kiwi lemon lime, which when blended with tequila, makes an incredible frozen margarita!

You can create a drink menu with different flavors such as strawberry, mango orange, pina colada, black raspberry, cappuccino, hawaiian lemonade and tropical blend. Combine that with a selection of alcohol such as rum, vodka or schnapps and you've got a party! Of course, non-alcoholic options also available to those who want to get the party started.

Renting a margarita machine is many times the first thought someone has when wanting to have frozen drinks for their guests. However, nothing is more fun, delicious and refreshing than a Maui Wowi smoothie/daiquiri/margarita bar. It's one of the best decisions that anyone can make. The sheer fun of a tiki bar with umbrella drinks makes every party into a setting that is the backdrop to fun and success. Make sure that you reserve your smoothie catering package today.

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