The Truth About Your Smoothie: Is It Really Healthy?

As we near the closing of 2014 and the beginning of a brand-new year, everyone at Maui Wowi DC hopes healthy eating is at the leading edge of your mind.

It can be a challenge to create healthy, simple dishes, particularly when you are on the go. The smoothie is one of the more popular natural food choices. And nowadays, you can find them anywhere, from a high end restaurant to well-known junk food joints. The lower-price smoothies may call themselves "smoothies" but if you're looking for something healthy, make sure it's 100% natural, with no added colors, flavors, or preservatives -- like a Maui Wowi smoothie.

Sure, smoothies are a quick, easy and convenient way to obtain a great deal of nutrition into your body in a short amount of time. However although smoothies can have lots of advantages to our health, they can likewise cause health difficulties, depending upon how they are made.

Exactly What's In a Healthy Smoothie?

Blended fruit is the most fundamental active ingredient in a smoothie. Unlike in a juice, a healthy smoothie can contain the whole fruit including the skin and seeds. Fruit is merely cut up and mixed till it's a liquid, instead of having its liquid extracted, as holds true with juice.

However healthy smoothies will usually consist of some sort of fat element, frequently a protein-rich food like yogurt or nut butter. Some people include supplements like protein powder, digestive supports like fresh ginger and powdered cinnamon to their smoothies. Super foods like spirulina, maca, or raw cacao can likewise be included.

Be Careful The Unhealthy Smoothie

The level of a smoothie mix's healthfulness depends on exactly what has been put into it. Making a healthy smoothie that has more than 800 calories is extremely easy to do. And due to the fact that healthy smoothies are liquid, we can ingest a high volume without always feeling full and/or feeling hungry again soon after.

Fruit includes a great deal of calories in addition to naturally taking place sugar. If a smoothie is mostly fruit-based, and a sweetener like agave nectar or honey is included, the sugar calories escalate which can spike your blood sugar level levels.

Eating a lot of sugar places a lot of tension on the blood stream. Whatever the body does not immediately utilize for energy is transformed into fat. And this is exactly what makes smoothie mixes potentially fattening; the potentially huge amount of sugar that's consumed in a relatively short duration of time.

Healthy Smoothies As A Meal Replacement

It likewise makes good sense to think of your smoothie as a meal instead of a drink. Use smoothies as a main dish replacement. Consume slowly. This will help your body to absorb it more gradually and completely. If you mean to lose weight or keep your present weight, the calories in your smoothie can be counted as a part of your everyday total.

Smoothies remain one of the most flexible, healthy and convenient meal choices offered today. With the push of a button, you can produce sophisticated and delicious concoctions of fruity and green goodness. However simply as with anything else, smoothie mixes are only as healthy as their individual ingredients, amounts, and serving sizes.

If you're in the Washington DC area and want a healthy alternative, Maui Wowi DC is for you. Whether it's in our TikiTruck or serving gourmet fresh fruit smoothies from a tiki bar for catered parties and events, make sure you try a Maui Wowi smoothie. Then you'll understand why people call us a "vacation in a cup!"

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