The Media At The Quicken Loans PGA National Chills Out

Golf in July in Potomac MD means it's going to be HOT!

And hot it was! Quicken Loans sponsored the PGA National at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm. On the last day of the event (Sunday), 200 people from the media were coming in to report on the tournament.

Quicken Loans had been providing hot coffee for the previous days of the golf tournament for the media, and no one was drinking it (because who wants hot coffee in 90+ degrees?). What to do?

Contact Maui Wowi DC!

We got a call at 2pm on Saturday afternoon, "Can you come out and setup an iced coffee and smoothie bar for us? Oh by the way, we need it set up today so it's available first thing in the morning."

NO PROBLEM! Maui Wowi came out, setup a tiki bar where everyone could get cooled off with iced coffee with delicious syrups and condiments or a gourmet all-natural fresh fruit smoothie.

smoothie bar golf tournament

Everyone loved it - even the Washington Capitals mascot:

coffee bar golf tournament

smoothie bar golf tournament

The next time you're planning an event - anything from a backyard barbecue to serving hundreds - or thousands - of people, contact us! We'll deliver the Aloha Spirit and treat your guests to a "vacation in a cup!"



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