How Is Maui Wowi DC’s Smoothie Catering Different Than Everyone Else?

Here at Maui Wowi DC, we are often asked by clients exactly how smoothies catered by Maui Wowi vary from those catered by other "smoothie chains" like Jamba Juice, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Smoothie King, and others.



At Maui Wowi DC, we're so much more than just a smoothie -- we cater an experience. We provide The Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway Without A 12-Hour Flight. Try getting THAT from another smoothie company!

Right here are 6 reasons (and there are many more) why a Maui Wowi-catered smoothie bar is different from everyone else:.

1) We bring Hawaii to you. We set up at your location (outdoors or indoors) and custom blend our healthy smoothies for your guests, staff or event attendees. All we require is a little room and also an electric outlet.

CarrWorkplaces2) We put together an authentic tiki bar and your servers (we call them "smoothologists") wear bright floral Hawaiian shirts. Even if a Hawaiian motif isn't really your style (unsure just how it could not be though-- we've done it for law offices, accounting firms, doctors offices, factories, you name it) we can change our bar and also our outfit to suit your occasion. Ask us how we transformed a tiki bar into a country western saloon.

3) With those "other smoothie guys" like Tropical Smoothie, Jamba Juice and Smoothie King, you need to decide beforehand exactly what sort of smoothies you desire. With Maui Wowi DC, we bring 3 or 4 flavors of your selection and you can even mix/match to create your perfect tropical drink! Did you know that mango orange and pina colada are called a Hawaiian Dreamsicle or that strawberry and black raspberry are called Black Lava Beach?

Maui Wowi Smoothies for Staff Event4) Have you ever had a Maui Wowi smoothie? If you have, then you know why people call us a "vacation in a cup!" If you haven't you and your guests are in for a treat! Not only are Maui Wowi smoothies 100% natural, they're also fat free and have no added colors, flavors or preservatives.

5) YES! We already know what you're going to ask. "Can you serve these wonderful drinks with alcohol?" Drum roll......YES! We call them "Smoothies That Party!" You'll call them "The Best Damn Daiquiris I've Ever Had"

Maui Wowi DC Holiday Parties6) Every Maui Wowi smoothie is topped off with a Hawaiian parasol. And our servers say, "Aloha!" and may even sing "If you like pina coladas...." which really isn't what you're likely to get from those other smoothie dudes who shows up with pre-made smoothies. Just sayin'.....

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