A Sweet 16 Party They’ll Hula About

Are you looking for a fun and memorable way to celebrate a sweet 16 party?

Do you need help coming up with ideas for a sweet 16 party?

She'll always be your little girl, but she's grown up now and it's time to introduce her to the world. That's right, it's time for her Sweet 16 Party. With a little planning, you can make this a celebration both you and she will remember for a very long time.

Select Your Sweet 16 Party Theme

Bat Mitzvah CateringIn planning your daughter's Sweet 16 party, you should start by selecting a theme. Think of your daughter's character and the time of year and then plan accordingly. The time of year could be a factor, as you probably couldn't have an ice skating party in May, nor an outdoor beach cookout in December. Some themes work well year-round like a dance party or high tea. And you can never go wrong with a Maui Wowi smoothie bar, especially if you're in the DC, MD, or VA area. Kids this age LOVE these kinds of drinks - and when they're blended fresh and topped off with a Hawaiian parasol, you'll have a party full of kids grinning ear to ear.

Find The Perfect Location

Now that you've got your theme, you need to find a location for the event. You will need to think about the place, size, style, amenities and budget. Selecting a well-known and highly regarded banquet facility with all the amenities it offers can be an exceptional choice, but it may not be in your budget. However there are many other options available, including restaurants, community centers and/or even your own home.

Entertainment Solutions

sweet 16 entertainmentOK, we're making progress. You've got the theme and the location. Now you've got to plan the entertainment. The more they have to do to keep them occupied, the less you will have to fret about. Some choices you can choose from include getting a DJ or band to scavenger hunts and games. And don't forget.....these are teenagers, so you will want to make sure there are adults who can help chaperone.

Plan The Menu

When you plan the menu, remember these are still growing children so have a LOT of choices for them. No matter what your style, there are foods to match that a bunch of starving teenagers will love. Buffets are a great option for these types of events, so the kids can just help themselves. Food and/or beverage stations are a fun way to keep everyone busy and moving around. When you have a Maui Wowi tiki bar there, you'll find it to be the most popular station of the party. After all, who doesn't love coming up to a tropical tiki bar and getting a refreshing treat? Plus, Maui Wowi smoothies are healthy -- 100% all natural - so you can feel great about providing a healthy alternative over soda and sugary drinks.

Record The Memories

There will certainly be many special moments at a Sweet 16 Party like this so you may want to hire a photographer to record all the magic of your daughter's unique event. To make certain absolutely nothing gets missed, make sure you coordinate with your photographer to ensure they're where they need to be to take those memorable shots. Your professional photographer and event planner can assist you with this up so everything runs efficiently.

Milestone events like a Sweet 16 are worth celebrating. Plan ahead of time and you can offer your daughter and her close friends a party they will remember for many years to come.

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