Round Hill Elementary Bingo Night

Who wants a smoothie in DC, MD or VA when it's below freezing?

You would think no one, but the line was long at Maui Wowi DC smoothie bar at Round Hill Elementary's Bingo Night.

It was definitely the coldest night of the year. Temperatures just above zero with winds gusting to 50 miles an hour!

But that didn't keep anyone away from the Round Hill Elementary School Bingo Night. The room was completely packed with everyone trying their luck at bingo.

healthy smoothieThe school offered pizza and snacks, but to help wash it down Maui Wowi DC was there blending up all-natural fresh fruit smoothies. Black Raspberry was definitely the top choice of the evening. We kept hearing things like "This is AWESOME!", "Best Smoothie Ever" "To Die For!"

Parents were even coming up saying "My kid got a smoothie. I tasted it. So good! They wouldn't share so I'm getting my own....."

So although everyone may not have won at bingo, everyone was definitely a winner at the Maui Wowi smoothie bar.

And the PTA won too, because Maui Wowi DC was there as part of their "No Effort FUNRaisers" -- doing all of the work -- providing the equipment, the product and the staffing. AND....donating 15% of sales back to the school. Such a great fundraising idea!

And we'll be back again soon. The PTA invited us to the Spring Carnival where we're sure the weather will be MUCH warmer. See you then!

Want to have Maui Wowi DC come to your school to offer smoothies in DC, MD, or VA? Contact us!

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