Ice Outside? Who Cares….Swim Season Is Coming

It was already cancelled once and they were only "calling for rain". But in the Washington DC area, they're allowed to get it wrong at least 50% of the time and they usually do.

That's OK. Yes, the roads were icy and treacherous, but that didn't keep the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) from holding its seed meeting.

It's late February....the groundhog said "6 more weeks...." and he was right. So everyone at the meeting really felt like they could use a tropical vacation. NO PROBLEM - Maui Wowi DC to the rescue!

We setup our tiki bar and treated everyone to a "vacation in a cup" to lift their spirits (and no there weren't any of those "other spirits" in there - although we can serve those as part of our catering packages).

NVSLMaui Wowi DC is a sponsor of the NVSL and the swim teams were there to set their schedules and find vendors to make their meets a huge success. Well, nothing will make a meet a huge success more than having a tiki bar there with Hawaiian coffees and gourmet all-natural fresh fruit smoothies.

And that's what Maui Wowi DC does. We bring it to you - your pool, your school, your sporting event - as part of our "No Effort FUNRaisers". The NVSL pools love it because they hate the "C" word - CONCESSIONS.


No one wants to volunteer.....

No one wants to go buy the stuff......

No one wants to deal with the leftovers....

With Maui Wowi DC, we do it all - and we donate 15% of sales back to your group. So all you have to do is cash the check.

No wonder all of the pools were lining up to make sure they got on the calendar.

If you're a school, a pool, a sporting event - or any group that is looking to bring FUN and ALOHA SPIRIT to your next event, while making money doing it, contact us. Our calendar fills quickly during the warmer months, so make sure you let us know the dates and times of your events.

Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your fruity tropical "vacation in a cup!"


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