Luau Theme Party – A Graduation Party To Be Remembered

A luau theme party is the most popular type of graduation party.

If you're in Virginia and want a luau theme party what do you do? Take everyone to Hawaii?

You do - for about the cost of one plane ticket. With The Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway Without a 12-Hour Flight.

This celebration was one to be remembered. Maui Wowi DC set up a smoothie bar serving fresh fruit smoothies to everyone. There was also Hawaiian entertainment -- hula dancers and fire dancers.

Here's a video of some of the entertainment:

After the event, we received a raving review from the client:

"Awesome service last evening!  Your guy Stephen was excellent.  What a kind soul!  Made set-up a breeze and kept me straight.  It was a bit overwhelming before the party, while waiting to see what the weather was going to do, we had to hold off on putting out the outside decorations.  Some people showed up early while I was in the shower, my husband had come back from the store, the caterer showed up and the musical talent was setting up as well.  And everything (furniture inside and out, the flow of the house) was shifting and becoming aa blur.  I had already brought out a three-way outside extension cord for the outside lights and was not anticipating a ukulele player with a sound system on the deck with the TiKI BAR.  What should have been obvious to me as to how to resolve the need for another outlet to be used was quickly and easily handled by Stephen.  A power strip, don’t laugh.  You would have thought it was my first day at kindergarten and I just learned how to spell something as simple as “red.”   In any case, your guys took really good care of me and my guests.  Brought my order to me later in the evening when I was hostessing, walked me through where I could have misplaced the remote for the lights; always with sincere, focused, kindness, an easy smile and being of service.  My guests raved over the service they received as much as they raved over the smoothies.  That is quite a testament to the excellent quality of service provided, since you know your smoothies rock!  Stephen even complimented me of my party.  You have a wonderful employee and he has an incredible energy that people positively respond too!" -- Nicole Graff

The Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway Without a 12-Hour Flight. That's what we do. We bring Hawaii to you. Ready to book your event? Contact us!

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