Employee Appreciation Events Everyone Loves

You want to do something FUN for employee appreciation events. Something that will have everyone talking about it for a long time.

You want something that is DIFFERENT. Not the same 'ol pizza and ice cream socials.

You want something HEALTHY. So that you can feel great knowing you're not only appreciating staff but supporting their health as well.

Is there something that meets all of this criteria? Something FUN? Something DIFFERENT? Something HEALTHY that also tastes great?

YES! If you're in DC, MD or VA employee appreciation events have never been easier!


Smoothie bars are a great option for employee appreciation events. They can be part of a morning setup to give people a healthy start to their day. They're great as a lunchtime treat. And they're perfect for an afternoon break and/or happy hour celebration (and yes, we can serve with alcohol).

Coffee and espresso bars are also a great option for employee appreciation events. Everyone LOVES their coffee, so imagine how they'll feel when they can order their favorite caffeinated beverage from a professional barista who will make their "foo foo" coffee to order. Cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos - hot, iced, frozen . . . . it's like having Starbucks in your office.

When you have Maui Wowi setup a coffee/espresso and/or smoothie bar, your staff appreciation events are easy! We handle everything . . . get ready for all of the compliments you'll be getting. You'll be the Big Kahuna of staff appreciation events.



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