Tacky Tourist Theme Makes Kids Smile

Who do you contact when you want something fun and healthy for kids battling cancer?

Who is the best smoothie truck in MD to make kids smile?

Special Love lets kids be kids, through camps, financial assistance, and a community of support that lets them (and their families) know that they're not alone in their battle.

David Smith, CEO of Special Love, contacted Maui Wowi DC to see if we could do something special for the kids with cancer before they head off to Camp Fantastic in Front Royal, VA. The kids were at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda and were going to get on a bus to go enjoy a week of camp. David wanted to make it a special experience and came up with a Tacky Tourist theme.

Maui Wowi DC delivered the Aloha Spirit and treated everyone to a "vacation in a cup" before they boarded the buses to head off to their "Hawaiian" camp experience. Kids came up to the TikiTruck and got to choose their favorite flavor fresh fruit smoothie topped off with a Hawaiian parasol.

Needless to say, there were lots of smiles that day -- not only from the kids who were getting ready to head off to camp, but the parents and families who were there as well.

Mahalo for the opportunity to make the experience fun for everyone!


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