Smoothie Bar Catering DC – Summer Associate Recognition – Chadbourne Parke

How do you recognize your summer associates who have done such a great job at your law firm?

What can your law firm do to make summer associates - or any staff - feel special?

You take 'em to Hawaii!

That's what Chadbourne Parke did for their summer associates. They had Maui Wowi DC set up a smoothie bar where everyone got to partake in a fun afternoon treat.

You may think that lawyers are a "stuffy" bunch, but when they start sipping on "umbrella drinks" from the Maui Wowi smoothie bar, they let it all hang out!

Smoothie bars are a great way to reward and recognize staff for a job well done. And you can feel great knowing your treating everyone to something healthy - Maui Wowi smoothies are 100% natural - no added colors, flavors, or preservatives. Just 100% 'onolicious!

Contact us today to reserve your Maui Wowi smoothie bar!

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