October 4 is National Frappe Day

Rich, Creamy, Delicious Frappes

Seems like there's a holiday for everything, but we're OK with it -- especially when it has to do with delicious frozen blended frappes!

October 4 is National Frappe Day (really) -- so if you're looking for the perfect, fun, caffeinated catering event -- have a Frappe Getaway!

We'll bring in the tiki bar and blend up our frozen blended coffees for everyone -- all made with authentic kona coffee!

How about some fun flavors such as:

Coco Loco Mocha -- chocolate and coconut

Caramel Mocha Delight -- caramel and chocolate

Nutty Hawaiian -- macadamia nut, almond and hazelnut

Mocha Chillin' - chocolate and coffee

Forget the boring ice cream social!!! Treat everyone to what they REALLY want -- rich, creamy, delicious Maui Wowi frappes!

To reserve your Frappe Getaway, contact us!

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