Long Meetings Require Good Coffee and Tea

Whether it's an internal planning session or an offsite retreat, long meetings require that excellent coffee be served. After all, the very best way to keep all staff members alert, engaged and responsive is to give them caffeine. And, if you're going to consume coffee anyhow, it may as well be great coffee that everyone will enjoy. Instead of selecting some common brands of coffee or tea for your next meeting or working session, why not go with an exquisite coffee and tea provider-- one that really knows the best ways to make an impression.

Maui Wowi DC based in the Washington DC area provides complete coffee catering options including hot, cold, iced and frozen Hawaiian coffees, Hawaiian and exotic teas, and Hawaiian espressos -- or as we call them, the "foo foo" coffees. Yes, your staff can have their mocha half-caf latte with soy extra hot when you have Maui Wowi DC provide the barista catering services for your group.

Your staff will be so impressed -- and motivated for their long meeting -- when they've got a huge selection of coffee, tea and espressos to choose from. All catering packages include a full array of condiments, syrups, milk, and creamers. This is one of many catering services provided by Maui Wowi DC, which also offers The Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway Without a 12-Hour Flight. With this package, Maui Wowi DC will serve gourmet fresh fruit smoothies from an authentic tropical tiki bar and top off every drink with a Hawaiian parasol. No wonder people call them a "vacation  in a cup!"

With expert baristas, "smoothologists" and sensible costs, Maui Wowi DC is the ideal selection for any meeting, reception or special occasion.


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