Hewlett Packard Enterprise Caffeinates 900 Attendees

You've got a big meeting . . . .

A big meeting where people are going to want coffee . . . . all day . . . .

A big meeting where you want your attendees to be happy . . . .

What do you do?

You hire Maui Wowi DC to provide a coffee and espresso bar for your guests!

coffee barThat's exactly what Hewlett Packard Enterprise did for their HPE Summit held in Washington DC last week.

Maui Wowi DC set up a coffee bar where attendees could help themselves to a wide selection of Hawaiian coffees and teas, as well as baristas who were preparing "foo foo" coffees like cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos.

Attendees were THRILLED to have such a special treat as part of the event. And because the Maui Wowi coffee bar was set up in the exhibit hall, the exhibitors loved it as well because it brought people into the trade show room.

A win-win-win for everyone. Want to caffeinate your guests at your next event? Contact us!

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