Frothing Milk Like A Barista Champ

Do you know why milk is foamed in many of those "foo foo" espresso drinks?

Do you know the proper technique to foam milk for the perfect espresso beverage?

Foaming can make you feel very unqualified in making a delicious coffee drink. The baristas make it look so easy!

Well before we share the secrets to perfectly foaming milk, let's answer the bigger questions: Why foam milk?

When making a delicious espresso beverage you want to lather and steam your milk for one reason only: to boost and raise the sensory experience of your coffee, and for cappuccino in particular.

You're probably thinking "I drink coffee, not smell it!" Well, let's start there. Coffee IS a sensory experience. Don't you just love when you wake up and have that aroma brewing in the kitchen? Or when you walk into your favorite coffee shop and you smell the flavors of the beans being brewed?

Putting very hot milk into your coffee is "ALRIGHT." It never however compares to the structure and also complete rich feel of properly steamed and lathered milk. Dealt with correctly the milk can be transformed.

This video shows your the proper technique to steam and froth milk for a latte vs a cappuccino (yes there is a difference):

Don't have a gourmet espresso machine at home? Don't have the time, inclination or desire to learn how to be a certified barista? No problem!

Maui Wowi DC will deliver the "Warmth of Aloha" to you in the DC, MD, VA area with our gourmet espresso and coffee bar service. Hawaiian coffees are the best in the world......can you say Konahhhhhh? Contact us today to reserve your coffee bar service.

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