Dessert Catering: The Solution For A Sweet New Year

Happy New Year! Are you looking for a fun way to wish everyone a sweet new year at your next catered event in DC, MD or VA?

Want to create a dessert-themed catering event but not sure how to do it?

This article will give you some great tips on how to plan a dessert-themed catering - perfect for a "Sweet New Year" theme.

1. Wow Everyone with Cake, Sweet, Pies, Cupcakes, and Pops

A secret formula to hosting a desserts-only event begins with your dessert selection. Given that dessert is the centerpiece of this type of event, serve the most amazing, delicious cakes, pies, cupcakes, cake/pie pops and sweets you can pay for. Make sure to taste test all baked products.

2. Kick it up a Notch with a Specialty Coffee Service

An equally important element in hosting a desserts-only event is excellent coffee. A specialized coffee station or espresso bar goes perfectly with a desserts-only event. Maui Wowi DC's coffee and espresso catering is among the very best choices in DC, MD and VA when it comes to serving handcrafted, specialty coffees to your guests. A plain old cup of joe served from a percolator or air pot simply won't do when you want an event that is memorable.

Here's a sample menu:
Specialty Coffee Menu for a Desserts-Only Event

Cafe Della Casa
Espresso topped with a cap of thick, frothed milk
Cafe Mocha
Espresso with a shot of chocolate topped with a cap of thick, frothed milk
Cafe Latte
Espresso with gently steamed milk
Espresso Romano
Rich, intense, dark roast with a smooth body
Espresso with a dollop of frothy, foamed milk

Usually, we start with this menu and personalize it with syrups, seasonal beverages and toppings in addition to developing signature beverages named after the person/people, company and/or event. Kosher and non-dairy choices are offered.

For an event that has people buzzing, begin your event with a round of espresso martini shooters as a great way to enhance your guests' energy level and get the celebration started. This is possible if you have an espresso bar along with a bartender serving alcohol. YES - we can serve alcohol!

This is the secret formula to hosting a desserts-only event that will be fun and memorable. But there's no secret to getting barista service for your next dessert catering:

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