Cold Coffee Drink Recipes You’ll Love During the Summer

Are you looking for some new coffee drinks to get you through the summer?

Want your coffee, but not necessarily hot?

If you're looking for some new coffee drinks to get you through the summer, you'll love these cold coffee drink recipes.

Summer can be hot, and sometimes it's just too hot outside to even imagine drinking a hot coffee. But cold coffee, that sounds perfect!

Here are some cold coffee drinks you'll love during the summer:


One of the best ways to stay hydrated during the summer is to drink coconut water.


One shot of espresso, around 30 milliliters

150 milliliters of fresh coconut water


Mix all ingredients in a cocktail mixer. Strain to serve. Enjoy.



This is a combination of coffee and cachaca - a liquor. You could also use vodka as a substitute. The result is a sweet and delicious drink that could perfectly fit as an appetizer for a late summer afternoon.


75 milliliters of aged cachaça

1 tablespoon of honey (Noete uses honey extracted from coffee tree flowers)


25 milliliters sparkling water

75 milliliters cold brew

Half a lemon, squeezed

3 slices of lemon

Mix the honey, cachaça, sparkling water, and squeezed lemon together. Pour it in a glass with ice cubes. Add the lemon slices. To finish, top off with cold brew. Stir and enjoy.


“White Brew”

A combination of coconut and coffee - YUM!!!


Sweetened condensed milk

Frothed milk

Coconut milk

Cold brew (at Um Coffee Company they use their natural Yellow Bourbon cold brew)

1 large ice cube

* The proportion suggested is that the cold brew amount is nearly half the amount of the three milk ingredients together. Experiment with it until you find your sweet spot (pun intended).

Mix the 3 milk ingredients with a wire whip.

Place the ice cube in a large glass—the ice helps keep the three parts of the drink separate. Add the milk mix. Add the cold brew very carefully, so that it doesn’t mix with the rest. Martins tops it off with milk froth.

Pro tip: serve it with a straw so that the drinker can stir the three parts together before drinking.


“Coffee Mojito”

Judging by the name, you were probably thinking this drink involved rum. Wrong. This coffee replaces the rum in this version of a caffeinated mojito. The taste is like, of course, of a mojito, and it indeed feels like an alcohol drink—perhaps from the concentration of the espresso joined with the lime zest. A very good drink for a hot summer afternoon (or morning, why not?).


Approximately 10 mint leaves

30 milliliters sugar cane syrup

1 shot of espresso, around 30 milliliters

15 milliliters lime juice

Sparkling water

Lime zest (to taste)

Crushed ice

Gently crush the mint leaves so that they release their oils and aroma. Combine mint, lime juice, sugar cane syrup, and espresso into a glass. Stir. Add the crushed ice and top it off with sparkling water. Garnish with mint leaf, and enjoy.


“Café Spritz” 

This feels like a real cocktail, one that demands time to make—and to drink. Extremely aromatic, citrusy. Perfect for closing a hard workday.


50 milliliters French press coffee

6 ripe pitangas

40 milliliters of lemon syrup

40 milliliters of cachaça

6 ice cubes

120 milliliters sparkling Muscatel

1 slice of orange

1 slice of lime

Macerate the pitangas about 5 times and then shake them together with the other ingredients in a cocktail mixer. Put the ice cubes in a wine glass. Top it with the Muscatel and the coffee. Add the pitanga mix and then the orange and lime slices. Enjoy.


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