Coffee Drinkers: What Your Cup ‘O Joe Says About You

Do you drink cappuccinos?

Did you know that cappuccinos are now "out of fashion? Yes - "frothy coffee" is really on the way out.

Cappuccino lovers of the world need to unite! Your existence is under threat. That combination of espresso and foamed milk, once seen as the height of sophistication (in 1964 perhaps), is now seeing tremendous competition from the latte.

What did the cappuccino do to deserve this fate? Apparently, baristas have always struggled with the foam. A really good cappuccino will have great foam. Don't worry - our baristas know how to make the perfect cappuccino drink - and we're not doing away with it from our menu any time soon! Click the image below to learn more about our coffee and espresso catering services in DC, MD, and VA.

Foo Foo Coffee

According Dr Ramani Durvasala, a Los Angeles-based psychologist and author of You Are WHY You Eat, conducted a study and found that those who order cappuccinos are “controlling” and “overly sensitive”. Unlike instant coffee-drinkers (“laid-back”), black coffee-imbibers (“purist”) and latte-suckers (“neurotic”).

Let's face it - You can tell a lot about someone by their relationship with their daily cup.

Skinny latte

The Diet Coke of the hot beverage world and the default choice of the slightly harassed mother/career woman. It promises the maternal comfort of warm milk and a gentle bump of caffeine but without the calories. The joke is of course on them as the evidence now suggests that whole milk is less fattening than skim milk (it has to do with the way sugar is absorbed, apparently). All those wasted years!

Regular latte

The choice of the well-respected man who will never rise beyond middle management. This drinker once opted for the gingerbread version – a bit silly, really! But does enjoy an occasional strawberry yum-yum.

Soy flat white

The tell-tale sign of the lactose-intolerant, gluten-spurning, control freak. If you do happen to suffer from any of these modern afflictions, the dignified order is black coffee.

Almond milk flat white

Same as above, but also has a large Instragram following, a line of yoga-wear and a bestselling cook book.

Double espresso

The choice of the intellectual sophisticate.


You don’t get out much do you?

Hey… can I just have… a normal coffee… white two sugars… oh fiddlesticks what is it called these days?

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