Coffee Catering: This Ain’t Your Typical Box O’ Joe

As you might imagine, there's catering for all types of events. Offices may cater sandwiches or other grab-n-go food options for a meeting. For weddings, everything from fancy appetizers to a dessert buffet can be catered.

That's so "typical". Today what's emerging as the hottest catering option is the coffee caterer.

This is much more elaborate than having someone swing by Starbucks to pick-up a three liter Box O’ Joe. This is, in most cases, a dedicated coffee connoisseur hand crafting a cup of coffee, or an espresso-based drink. We call them "foo foo" coffees like lattes and cappuccinos. And with all of the condiments you can imagine such as syrups, sugars and creams everyone can create their perfect beverage.




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While you probably think of coffee as a hot beverage, Maui Wowi DC's coffee catering services also offer cold, iced and frozen options as well. The key is to use a quality coffee bean, and Maui Wowi DC's are the best in the world -- kona -- from Hawaii.

Coffee catering can be the perfect beverage option for events from backyard to black tie. Maui Wowi DC has catered many office events -- from breakfast meetings to holiday parties to staff appreciation events. Offices love it because it's a perk (no pun intended) for employees. But don't rule out fancy events too. Maui Wowi DC has catered weddings, bridal showers, bar/bat mitzvahs and more -- some even built around a coffee theme.

coffee cateringWant even more of a kick to your caffeinated beverage? No problem. Maui Wowi DC can serve alcohol too. There's nothing like warming up with a gourmet cup of coffee with a "little extra something" like Baileys, Kahlua or Amaretto.

Coffee and espresso bars are also a great idea for companies looking to get visibility and/or draw new customers. Maui Wowi DC has done many open house events as well as grand openings and people just love it. It leaves a great impression on the company sponsoring it because it's something different and everyone appreciates a great cup of coffee.

Even for trade shows or corporate events where a company has a booth set up. Incorporating a coffee or espresso bar as part of the setup will make you the most popular booth around. Anyone who's been to these types of event knows they have terrible coffee at the facility. Smart companies see having a coffee or espresso bar giving them a significant advantage.

If you hire a catering company, you’re going to have great food. Why not also have great coffee?

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