Coffee Catering for Winter Events

Coffee Catering Services for Winter Events in DC, MD and VA

January marks the beginning of a new year and for your office, this can mean many exciting things. Your business is poised to reach new goals and implement new policies. Along with your plans to grow your business, you have to meet with many new people to bring all the elements together to succeed.

January is a great month to get coffee catering services for your company. When you have meetings, you will take pride in being able to offer your staff, guests, or clients fresh brewed, gourmet coffee with plenty of sweeteners or creamers of all flavors. Instead of having to have them take a break out of the office, they can stay inside, warm and dry and enjoy the delicious taste of a cup of coffee.

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Your office environment will become more pleasing when you bring in a professional barista who can make everyone their favorite coffee just they way they want it - whether it's a cup of dark roast or a fancy "foo foo" coffee like a cappuccino, latte or macchiato. Using a coffee catering service makes it so easy - they'll provide everything - napkins, utensils, cups and stirrers, etc. Having coffee services catered to your office will also you save time and energy. You won't have to worry about getting everything, setting it up, cleaning it up and chances are you're not a trained barista.

When you use coffee catering services,no one needs to leave the office to take a coffee break. Your employees will love this because they can stay inside and not have to trek out in the cold. They can also spend more time on their breaks enjoying the gourmet coffee rather than spending more time getting it.

People will love having the options that go along with gourmet coffee catering. They will feel like they are at a coffee house instead of in the office. You can set the stations up wherever it is most convenient for your company. You can designate an area in a lunchroom or a conference room.

The amount of money you invest in your coffee catering will be well worthwhile. You will be making a great impression during your meetings with potential clients and you will be giving them a nice warm treat during the coldest months of the year. Coffee catering does not just mean coffee only. You can also offer teas and hot cocoa.

When your order your service, you can be sure that you will always have plenty of coffee and creamers available. Anytime the stock gets low, your coffee catering service will be alerted to this and restock everything including napkins and cups promptly.

Many offices have a coffee maker and the fixings to go with morning coffee, but by the afternoon, the coffee maker is left with overdone leftover dregs. No one feels very motivated to make a fresh pot. In the winter months, no one feels like trekking outside to go for a cup of coffee. You can solve this problem by having a coffee catering event that brings all of your staff together and treats them to gourmet fresh coffees that can be served hot, iced or frozen.

Your employees will feel appreciation for you for providing them with the delicious coffee they crave. You will notice the boost in morale (and productivity from the caffeine boost). For your guests who come to meet with you, your company will make a great impression with your catered coffee.

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