A Tropical Theme Party In Winter?

Are you considering having a tropical theme party in the winter?

Want to know how to plan the perfect winter tropical theme party?

You don’t have to spend all winter dreaming about beaches and warm weather.  Instead, host a tropical themed party to give your mind a break from the snow and sub zero temperatures outside.  After all, who doesn’t love an excuse to party?!

Here’s a plan to help you create the ambiance of a tropical party that will have your guests doing the hula.  You’ll have a tropical party in no time.  So escape this brutal winter, even if it’s just for a few hours.  Don’t worry, the drinks will keep you nice and toasty.


Tropical Themed Decor

  • Place grass skirts around tables.  This is trickier than it seems.  Don’t try to put the grass skirt on a tablecloth because it won’t stick!  Instead place it directly on tables, bars etc. with packing tape.
  • Hang large colorful lanterns from the ceilings.  Not exactly an easy task, but the payoff is worth it.
  • Hang smaller lanterns at surface level.  Try hanging them off tables and/or a tiki bar.
  • Use fresh tropical fruit for decor. Place pineapples, coconuts, and bananas throughout the space.  They even make great centerpieces when you cluster them together.
  • Create an underwater room.  Fill up balloons in different shades of blue or green with helium.  Let them float to the top of the ceiling without strings.  Cover the walls with ocean patterned gossamer fabric.
  • Create sophisticated yet affordable centerpieces. Place a burlap placemat or fabric on each table.  Then, layer it with a few banana leaves and some seashells.
  • Create tropical themed signage.  Use the same background for tiki bar signs, signature drink signs, etc.
  • Decorate the walls with fisherman nets.  Hang nets across wide doorways.  Place seashells and starfish within it. The seashells aren’t likely to stay, so you’ll need to hot glue them beforehand.
  • Blow Up Bright Balloons.  Cluster bright colored balloons like pink, blue, orange, and yellow then hang them throughout.

Tiki Bar

Let's face it, the bar is the first place people go and the last thing they'll remember. And if you're having a tropical party, then you dang well better have a tiki bar!

  • Have a signature tropical drink. Take a traditional drink like the Mai Tai and give it a new name that suits the guest of honor.  Create a sign to accompany and advertise the drink.
  • Place a mini umbrella in each drink. (every Maui Wowi DC beverage is topped off with one - no wonder people call us a "vacation in a cup!"
  • Serve drinks in pineapple cups or coconuts.

Island Themed Activities

  • Limbo Contest –  Put on Chubby Checker’s Limbo Rock and encourage everyone to get low!
  • Photobooth - Provide themed props – large sunglasses, coconut bras, straw hats, beachballs, etc.  Ask the photobooth company to use a tropical backdrop.
  • Tricky Tray - Create signs with the name of each prize.  Then place a pineapple cup near the sign.  When guests arrive, give them raffle tickets to drop it into the pineapple cup that corresponds with the prize of their choice.


Hope this gives you inspiration in planning your next tropical theme party. Any other ideas you'd like to suggest that have worked well at your tropical theme party? Share below.

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