8 Tips To Planning The Perfect Adult Birthday Party

Are you thinking of planning an adult birthday party?

Looking for tips to help make planning an adult birthday party fun and easy?

Hey, children aren't the only ones who like birthday party celebrations - grownups enjoy them as well! But perhaps you've never planned an adult birthday party event. Where do you begin? Is it ok to merely hang some balloons and give everyone noisemakers? Do you need to offer entertainment? Below you'll learn 8 tips that will get you started on planning a wonderful and memorable adult birthday celebration.

Your Spending Plan

You're an adult now, so you now that you've got to live within a budget - and that applies to party planning as well. Be practical regarding exactly what you have to spend and then stick to it. It helps to decide ahead of time what the most essential aspects you want. Are you set on a huge, lavish celebration? Will you be working with hired entertainment? Will you need themed decorations? Write down what you feel are the "must-haves" and then adjust the remainder of your spending plan accordingly.

Choose a Theme

When it comes to picking a theme for an adult's birthday celebration, virtually anything goes! From tropical luaus to casino nights to Hollywood glamor or "over the hill", there are lots of themes that every adult will love.


Who's Coming

Who will you invite to the birthday party? Just a few close buddies? Friends and neighbors? Co-workers? Family members? Everyone the guest of honor has ever known? Will it be "females only", "adults only" or "kids allowed"?

The When & Where

When you have an approximation of how many people may be attending, you'll have to make a decision where to have the birthday celebration. Will your residence be large enough? Will people be inside, outside, or both? Will you need to rent tables and chairs? Or should you have the event at a dining establishment or hall? Determine what type of venue will suit your needs, then set a date and also time.

Send Invitations

As soon as you've identified a location, date and time, it's time to send out the invites. It's best to send them 4-6 weeks beforehand to make sure that the invitees have plenty of time to get it on their calendar and/or make childcare arrangements. The invitations can vary from an email invite, to a casual printed flyer/invitation, to an very formal professionally printed invitation.


decorationsWhatever theme you choose for the adult birthday celebration party, you'll require decorations ... a banner as well as streamers at the very least. Party supply companies have many cost-effective decorations for a range of party themes, so it should not be difficult to find just what you need. And besides the decorations, you'll want to make sure you have sufficient cups, plates, napkins, eating utensils, and so on. Stock up ahead of time so you're not caught running out during the party!

Food and Drink

What sort of food and drinks will you serve? Whether you're offering finger-type foods or having the event catered, now is the time to plan the menu. When planning beverages, make sure to have coffee as well as alcohol-free alternatives, also.


tiki bar partyWhile some themes (like a casino night) will require you to have a precise plan, other themes (like a tropical theme party) provide more flexibility. Many adult parties are great with just music and mingling, but it's a great idea to have some fun activities planned in case your visitors need some help getting into the celebration mood.

With a little preparation, even the most unskilled host or hostess can plan a fun and amazing birthday party that grownups will certainly love and remember.

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