8 Things Baristas Deal With Every Day

Here are 8 things every barista deals with every day.

1. When your alarm goes off at 3:30am because you’re opening the store that day.







2. When a customer thinks you’re sexually attracted to them just because you asked for their name.

love you







Dude, I literally have to ask for my job. Not because I want to bone you.

3. Trying not to laugh when someone does this while asking for a “sleeve-jacket thing” for their drink.

shaky thing







4. When anyone orders “half-caf”.

half caf







5. When a customer tells you the exact temperature they want their milk steamed to.

crazy woman







“A large, soya, chai-tea latte at 143 degrees.”

6. When a customer leans over the counter and says these dreaded words: “The men’s toilet is blocked.”

oh no







7. When someone can’t connect to the Wi-Fi and you’re suddenly IT support.








8. And you realize that no matter how often you shower, you and your belongings will always smell of espresso and burnt croissants.








We know it's tough being a barista. Hang in there!

The good news? You'll never get these types of reactions when you have a Maui Wowi barista serving you! Whether it's in a store or having us provide coffee or espresso catering in DC, MD or VA, we'll always deliver the Aloha Spirit and treat everyone to the "Warmth of Aloha" with a smile!

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