7 Things To Consider With A Wedding Coffee Bar

Have you thought about having a coffee bar at your wedding?

Wondering what you'll need to have a coffee bar at your wedding?

Many couples planning a wedding are including a gourmet coffee and/or espresso bar as part of the festivities. After all, everyone loves their cup 'o joe - and it's a great way to keep everyone caffeinated and raring to go.

Here are the 7 things you'll want to make sure you have if you're considering having a coffee bar at your wedding.

1. A Magnificent Display

First, you need a central table where visitors can help themselves to coffee.

coffee wedding display







2. Coffee. And a great deal of it!

Of course, we suggest you have a gourmet selection, like Hawaiian Coffees from Maui Wowi DC. Keep coffee hot in airpots, which also doubles as a dispenser.

coffee catering wedding







3. All the Fixin's

Cream? Sugar? Stirrers? Make certain you've got 'em! (Pssst. Put out a little basket for discards.).

coffee condiments wedding










4. Coffee Sleeves

While not completely necessary, coffee sleeves add an imaginative touch, especially when they're personalized! You can make your own for SUPER CHEAP.

Wish to make your own wedding coffee sleeves?  Write a custom message (your names, wedding event date, or guests' names) on the sleeve; place over non reusable coffee cups (like these). Easy!

coffee sleeve wedding







5. Coffee Cups

You'll need to decide what kind of cup you'll serve coffee in. You could have personalized mugs for everyone, which can also be given away as favors.

coffee mugs wedding








6. Decorations

Include a few decorative touches to draw attention to your coffee bar! Some of my favorites? Containers filled with whole coffee beans, "love is brewing" or "the perfect mix" banners, or vintage tin coffee signs.

coffee decorations








7. A Chalkboard or Sign

Tie everything together with a sign or a blackboard, for a coffeehouse feel. Add these as a certain crowd-pleaser!

coffee chalkboard








Are you having a coffee bar at your wedding event?


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