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Barefoot to Black Tie Catering From A Food Truck

Are you looking for a fun, unique, and different way to cater your next event? Many individuals and companies in DC, MD and VA are turning to the Maui Wowi TikiTruck as a quirky and creative alternative or addition to traditional catering services. A great way to add personality, flexibility, and a bit of tropical...
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Go To Hawaii – Be Home Before Curfew!

Take Your Guests to Hawaii for Coffee....And Still Be Home By Curfew!

Coffee....ahhh, can you feel the warmth? Take a sip...oh heaven! Tastes like a "vacation in a cup!" That's what people tell us when they have Maui Wowi set up a coffee or espresso bar. We bring the gourmet latte experience...
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Not A Typical Monday Here…..

Start Your Week With Hot Chocolate and Toppings

It's the Monday before the holidays. What a better way to start a Monday and celebrate the holidays than having a hot chocolate bar? And that's exactly what the folks at Prosperity Specialty Pharmacy did. "We wanted something fun, something different to treat staff," said Jim Whitford, who...
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October 4 is National Frappe Day

Rich, Creamy, Delicious Frappes

Seems like there's a holiday for everything, but we're OK with it -- especially when it has to do with delicious frozen blended frappes! October 4 is National Frappe Day (really) -- so if you're looking for the perfect, fun, caffeinated catering event -- have a Frappe Getaway! We'll bring...
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