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Smarts Mill Middle School Fun Fair

The weather didn't keep people away from Smarts Mill Middle Schools Fun Fair. Although the event was scheduled to be outside, it just moved inside. No problem for Maui Wowi DC! We just set up the tiki bar and blended gourmet fresh fruit smoothies for everyone. Received an email after the event: "Hi Stacey. Well, we...
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Batman Gets a Vacation in a Cup

Holy Smokes Batman! Batman is always busy saving the world, but he found a few minutes to stop by the BE GREAT SEEK&FIND Dr Bear Family Walk in Rockville this past weekend. He told us its hard work being a superhero and it's important to stay healthy. Here Batman is drinking a Hawaiian lemonade smoothie -- 100%...
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Rocketfest at Rockwell Elementary Is A BLAST!

Blast Off at Rocketfest

Friday was a BLAST at Rockwell Elementary School. Hundreds of kids and parents came out for Rocketfest -- the school's annual Spring Carnival. There were games, there were activities, and there was the Maui Wowi TikiTruck. It was a perfect night for a fresh fruit smoothie and the line was steady...
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