Monthly Archives: October 2016

You Got Coffee Questions, We Got Answers

Coffee . . . .we get lots of questions about it. What is a good starter beverage for someone who doesn't drink coffee regularly? We always recommend people start with a cup of black coffee or shot of espresso. If the coffee is roasted and brewed well (like our Hawaiian coffees), it should be enjoyable…
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Ultimate Guide To Ordering “Foo Foo” Coffees

Do you love gourmet coffee drinks but have no idea what they are and how they're made? Then this ultimate coffee guide will make your day so they next time you order your "foo foo" coffee you'll know exactly what you're getting.                            …
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Under Armour Employees Get An Aloha Treat

Under Armour . . . . you probably think activewear like clothing, shoes and accessories. What you probably don't think about is the hundreds and hundreds of employees who work in the distribution houses in Baltimore MD packing, prepping, and preparing those items. The warehouses have no air conditioning so it can get VERY hot during…
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