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Maui Wowi is Proud to Be American

God Bless America!

Posted by Kristin Coryell on Monday, July 20, 2015

Aloha Spirit.....that's what Maui Wowi is about. And that Aloha Spirit shows in this video that went viral last week. As of today it has almost 8 million views!!!

At Maui Wowi DC there are 3 things that we're passionate about: family, small business, and our country. We hope you agree. And we hope you'll spread the Aloha Spirit by doing something nice for someone today. Gosh, wouldn't the world be a much nicer place if everyone did?


New App for Smoothie Lovers in DC, MD, VA

Do you love gourmet all natural fresh fruit smoothies? Do you love gourmet all natural fresh fruit smoothies that are FREE? If you're still reading, we assume the answer to both is YES! When you download our new free mobile app, you'll get FREE STUFF and lots more. You'll know exactly where the Maui Wowi…
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Smoothies That Are Peachy

Do you love the sweet taste of peaches? Do you love fresh fruit smoothies? Then you're going to absolutely LOVE Maui Wowi's Orchard Peach smoothies! Just in time for the summer heat, the cool refreshing-juicy-sweet-taste of peaches blended with fat-free yogurt and a fresh banana - will have you feeling peachy keen! Orchard Peach is available NOW at all…
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Coffee Drinkers: What Your Cup ‘O Joe Says About You

Do you drink cappuccinos? Did you know that cappuccinos are now "out of fashion? Yes - "frothy coffee" is really on the way out. Cappuccino lovers of the world need to unite! Your existence is under threat. That combination of espresso and foamed milk, once seen as the height of sophistication (in 1964 perhaps), is now…
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