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Perhaps The Tiniest Tiki Bar Ever!

A tiny pu-pu platter and umbrella drinks?

A hamster in a grass skirt?

No your eyes aren't tricking you. This is a real-life tiki party for a hamster.

If you're in the DC area and want a life-size tiki party that has everyone doing the hula - maybe even hamsters - make sure to reserve your tiki bar from Maui Wowi DC. Our professional "tikitenders" will blend up delicious tropical drinks topped off with a Hawaiian parasol. No wonder people call us a "vacation in a cup!"

Hope you enjoy the video. This hamster apparently had a GREAT time!

7 Steps To Make Your Own Iced Latte

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Frothing Milk Like A Barista Champ

Do you know why milk is foamed in many of those "foo foo" espresso drinks? Do you know the proper technique to foam milk for the perfect espresso beverage? Foaming can make you feel very unqualified in making a delicious coffee drink. The baristas make it look so easy! Well before we share the…
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Is A Ripe Or Unripe Banana Better For You?

Do you eat bananas?

Did you know that the nutritional properties of those bananas hanging in your kitchen change as they grow riper?

bananasAs bananas ripen, they become sweeter. Why? Because there are enzymes in the banana that begin to break down starches, which aren’t generally sweet, into sugar. This also makes the banana easier to digest.

Watch the video above to see a time lapse of a banana ripening.

Ad_MauiWowiRecently, Japanese researchers discovered something fascinating about bananas: as a banana ripens, it produces more antioxidants than a fresher greener one. When a banana has dark spots on it, TNF, or Tumor Necrosis Factor is produced, which is a substance that combats cancer and abnormal cells. The darker the spots, the more powerful the banana at killing cancer cells. A ripe banana is eight times more effective in boosting the body's immune system than a fresh banana is.

So what's the best time to eat a banana? When it’s fully ripe. But it’s worth noting, if you suffer type 2 diabetes, you may want to eat a ripe banana with nut butter. The fats in the nut butter will slow down sugar absorption in your blood stream so it doesn't hit you all at once, making it easier for your body to break down.

At Maui Wowi, we put bananas in our smoothies - it puts the "smooth" in smoothie - and it makes an awesome natural sweetener. So if you see some "ugly" bananas at the Maui Wowi tiki bar, don't worry.....they're not bad.....and actually they will make your smoothie taste even sweeter. So sip away and be healthy!