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Are You Ready To Luau????

Aloha, party people--hele mei hoohiwahiwa! Time to break out the grass skirt, put on the coconut bra, and hula on up to the Maui Wowi tiki bar - because it's luau season! Here's a helpful list of must-haves for your next luau party. Everything from invitations to decorations to food and drink. Have fun!
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Planning A Luau Theme Graduation Party

Do you have a child that will be graduating soon? Looking for a fun theme for your child's graduation party? Your child has made it through high school or college so you want to celebrate and send them off in style. A fun way to celebrate is to have a full-blown Hawaiian themed graduation celebration. Since most graduation parties are in...
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Quiz: What Kind of Maui Wowi Smoothie Are You?

It seems that everyone wants to be a Maui Wowi smoothie. With gourmet flavors like Coral Reef Sunset, Hawaiian Dreamsicle, Black Lava Beach and more, there's one that defines everybody. So which one would you be?

Take our Smoothie Lover quiz to find out what kind of Maui Wowi Smoothie You Are.

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8 Things Baristas Deal With Every Day

Here are 8 things every barista deals with every day. 1. When your alarm goes off at 3:30am because you’re opening the store that day. 1           2. When a customer thinks you’re sexually attracted to them just because you asked for their name. love... 				</div>
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