Monthly Archives: February 2015

7 Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Wedding

Will you be having a lot of kids at your wedding? Are you looking for kid-friendly wedding ideas? Everyone loves weddings, including children! However, your younger visitors will likely need something to entertain them once that second hour rolls around and the novelty of going to a huge event has worn away. We're sharing with you 7 ways to keep the younger guests...
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A Tropical Theme Party In Winter?

Are you considering having a tropical theme party in the winter? Want to know how to plan the perfect winter tropical theme party? You don’t have to spend all winter dreaming about beaches and warm weather.  Instead, host a tropical themed party to give your mind a break from the snow and sub...
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Coffee Catering: This Ain’t Your Typical Box O’ Joe

As you might imagine, there's catering for all types of events. Offices may cater sandwiches or other grab-n-go food options for a meeting. For weddings, everything from fancy appetizers to a dessert buffet can be catered. That's so "typical". Today what's emerging as the hottest catering option is the coffee caterer. This is much more elaborate than having someone swing...
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