Monthly Archives: September 2014

It’s Football Season — We’re Back Cooling Everyone Off

Whitman High School had their first home game. It was a hot one! For most of the summer the weather's been fairly mild, but on this day it was hazy hot and horrible -- well into the 90's -- even at night. But that didn’t keep the crowds away. They just needed to be cooled…
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Hawaii’s Big Island…..Did You Know?

Aloha! So many of our 'ohana (customers) tell us how much they LOVE Hawaii -- some have been there, some haven't. So in sharing the Aloha Spirit -- and some fun facts about Hawai'i (yes, that's how it's officially spelled), here are some fun facts: The state of Hawaii includes 8 primary islands, the largest…
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How To Get People To A Staff Meeting

Do you find it difficult to get people to attend staff meetings? Would you like a solution that will make staff excited to attend staff meetings? Sure, everyone is crazy with the daily onslaught of e-mail, phone calls, and memos, but staff meetings are still one of the most effective ways that people share and…
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