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Employee Appreciation Events Everyone Loves

You want to do something FUN for employee appreciation events. Something that will have everyone talking about it for a long time. You want something that is DIFFERENT. Not the same 'ol pizza and ice cream socials. You want something HEALTHY. So that you can feel great knowing you're not only appreciating staff but supporting their health as...
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Under Armour Employees Get An Aloha Treat

Under Armour . . . . you probably think activewear like clothing, shoes and accessories. What you probably don't think about is the hundreds and hundreds of employees who work in the distribution houses in Baltimore MD packing, prepping, and preparing those items. The warehouses have no air conditioning so it can get VERY hot during the...
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Not A Typical Monday Here…..

Start Your Week With Hot Chocolate and Toppings

It's the Monday before the holidays. What a better way to start a Monday and celebrate the holidays than having a hot chocolate bar? And that's exactly what the folks at Prosperity Specialty Pharmacy did. "We wanted something fun, something different to treat staff," said Jim Whitford, who...
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Employee Appreciation Ideas

MAHALO!  6 simple letters that mean so much

Giving a sincere "THANK YOU" never grows old. Here are 10 meaningful low-cost ways to raise morale and encourage higher levels of performance.
  1. Post a thank you note on an employee’s door.
  2. Swap a task with an employee for a day – his/her choice.
  3. Give special assignments to people...
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