It’s Football Season — We’re Back Cooling Everyone Off

Whitman High School had their first home game. It was a hot one! For most of the summer the weather's been fairly mild, but on this day it was hazy hot and horrible -- well into the 90's -- even at night. But that didn’t keep the crowds away.

They just needed to be cooled off — and Maui Wowi DC was there to save the day with cool, refreshing gourmet fresh fruit smoothies!

The tiki bar had the longest line -- especially during half time. But the amazing tikitenders moved things along "smoothly" -- and everyone left with a smile!

The event was a win for everyone — the team won (YEA!), the Booster Club won (YEA!) because we donate a percentage of sales back, and everyone there won because they got a wonderful refreshing treat. We call it a "vacation in a cup!"

We’ll be back all season for Whitman’s home games. If you’d like to have Maui Wowi DC come to any of your school events, contact us!

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