We had our holiday community get-together and the weather was FREEZING. Since it was an outdoor event, the hot koko bar with the toppings was perfect! Kids and adults loved it. Will DEF use again! Easy and nicest "kokotenders" 🙂

Katie Battle, http://hotkoko.mauiwowidc.com

Thank you for all of your assistance with coordinating today's smoothie event. Our group enjoyed the event and remarked how great the smoothies were.

Erika Morant, Sutherland Events Planner, http://smoothies.mauiwowidc.com

Just wanted to touch base. I hear last night was a success and the tiki bar sold out of smoothies. Thanks again!

Deborah Hommer, Dunn Loring Pool, http://smoothies.mauiwowidc.com

Thanks for the service you offer. I did not tell you but my party was a success and your tiki bar and server were phenomenal. The guy you sent for my daughter's graduation party was really, really good. He got there early, set up his station, and waited patiently for the events to begin. Although I offered him to cool off inside while he waited for the party to begin, he stayed in his shady spot sans cell phone since he had lost it, and remained friendly. He was kind, helpful, suggested drink mixtures, and was friendly to everyone, both old and young alike. Many of my guests commended my idea to add this creative addition to the party. Thank you, thank you, and thanks again. I hope you continue to find success with your brilliant party addition!

Carolina & Jim Morgan, http://smoothies.mauiwowidc.com